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Five Thoughts on The Kenyan Fashion Industry.


We lack structures and infrastructure to experience maximum creativity like it is in the west. We as models need properly funded management structures, this is a whole sector,


(Photographer @Tenza_photography)

1. A photographer My name is Gonzanga Gonza. I’m a 20 year old second year Design student at The University of Nairobi and a fashion and architectural photographer.

From a young age i was a visual artist and i would have the wildest of images in my head and I honestly didn’t know how to showcase them as i was not the best when it came to drawing but i made an effort however it really stressed me.

It is later on in life that I realized videography that pushed me towards photography where i was able to showcase and recreate the things in my head.

On getting into photography i curved towards fashion because of it’s unique nature where people showcased what they wanted the public to see which is not necessarily what the public would like to see.

The uniqueness of the fashion industry is what has really pushed for the growth of the industry as the public is getting more and more interested in this unique form of expression.

Fashion to me is a strong statement, a form of art in its own unique expression of dressing style and class. Fashion as well goes hand in hand with the current social trends around us. The more fashionable individual will often be more recognized,looked up to and  respected thus also a status symbol and show of power and authority.

It is because of this that fashion is highly looked up to across the world as no one
In Kenya the fashion industry is still growing where we are finally seeing professional designers coming up with their own statements and uniqueness as compared to a few years ago where we did not have any basis for the fashion industry forcing the entire public into the “Kitenge” culture /African print and the Maasai culture which is the only tradition we could cling to and which i think was highly overdone.

Our fashion industry is also growing really slowly as Kenyans won’t buy Kenya and would rather buy internationally established brands or alternatively go for “cheaper “ mtumba clothes hence killing the local fashion industry.

This hustle spreads from the designers, models and even I as a photographer as people are not willing to support their local industry.

Skeptical old fashion parents will also not want their kids moving with fashion as they consider it unethical.

It is only years to come that our local fashion industry be appreciated accepted and funded to continue contributing to change for the better of our local fashion industry

Model (@Tanashadonna)

( Gonza is a renown kenyan photographer ,who’s special touch on photos and Modeling themes make him a preferred photographer for many models, above are a sample of his most recent work)


Stuart Jeffriesse

Model @( ebony_africa )

We lack structures and infrastructure to experience maximum creativity like it is in the west. We as models need properly funded management structures, this is a whole sector,Models and actors alone can sky rocket our economy given the right attention like in Nigeria, India and America. It’s just in a bad state! As a fashionista, no challenge,fashion,like water will find its way if you have an eye for it.

(Jeff under his Brand  Alpha lifestyle company is a fast rising Model, especially at Moi university ,he is a trend setter and a professional model.)


Chira Ke.

Designer @( Chira_ke )

I think it’s still yet been appreciated and treated as the art it is,Fashion is growing day by day and becoming more and more Noticeable, as a driving force of modern trends and an investable market it should be appreciated ,so in my estimation I’m pessimistic of it taking its deserved place here in kenya in few years to come.
(Chira is an upcoming Kenyan Fashion designer whose trendy designs have a touch of elegance and fun and center on youth fashion styles.)

4.Fashion and trends Investor.

A fashion and Trends entrepreneur @Modish_republik

Kenya just like most African countries, is really new into Fashion and Modeling, it lacks originality as most Kenyans would prefer cheaper Imports over Locally made Brands. Kenyan youth and millenials would also sadly enjoy Modeling and fashion events,cat walks and extravaganzas from the west as opposed to our own fashion. Events like The Nairobi Fashion Week.

These problems are what make me try and find long lasting solutions to, and some of the answers to the nagging Questions of the Growth span of the kenyan Fashion and Modeling industry are as follows:

We need to inspire more youth to take up fashion skins ,such as design and Franchising as Self Employed Jobs. These not only help them find employment but also provide a source of income. We then need to create fashion Hubs where the youth can be able to interact ,promote their content and sell portfolios like Modish Republik Kenya. After all is done we need to inform the public and business community of prospectus in the fashion and trends market ,which shall in turn bring investments and capital into the market.

Iam Wycliff Peter. And investing in the precarious Trends and Fashion industry is my Hobby and My passion. My wish as Modish Republik Group Kenya ,is to see more upstart brands specifically in Modeling and fashion industry break through their incubation and scale up to recognisable heights. Regardless I would encourage any one to invest in the industry as more and more Kenyan’s begin to understand and appreciate its long time impacts.

(Wycliff Peter Oundo is a Fashion and Trends Entrepreneur who continues to innovate creative solutions to youth unemployment in African countries through Blogging, Fashion,photography and Modeling .He is one of the Group Heads and owners of Modish Republik Kenya)

5.Brand Marketer.

Modish Republik Group Head (Marketing and Advertknuckles.

I am Michelle anyango,student at  moi university.. Currently head of marketing and advertisement of modish republik.

Fashion to me basically speaks for itself,from the way you speak,talk and clothing…nonetheless ….I don’t do fashion I am fashion as it is said out there.
As for now kenyan fashion is growing as people have began wearing and appreciating ankara on clothes and also making ankara jewellery…..the colours of Kenyan flag have been printed on some clothes to create a sense of patriotism….
It brings the sense of a united african touch….but to some point will deteriorate since most people keep buying clothes from abroad or from internatiornal designers instead of appreciating Kenyan designers…

We as Kenyans to some point have to acknowledge that what’s ours we should take pride…not be like black lives matter as we all say and struggle bleaching yet our roots still remain in our dark knuckles
Fashion should be taken as much seriously as politics is in our county till then we can have diversity as a whole.
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