Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

Jeff. On Modeling and Fashion.


How old are you and how long have you been Modeling?

1.I’m 24 Years Old and I’ve been modeling for the last six years, most actively I’ve been modeling for about three and a half years now.

What inspired you to get into Modeling?

2.I love color,glamour and adventure apparently being a model fulfilled these for me , 😊

What kind of Modeling do you specialize on or do you do all kinds of Modeling?

3.I am a fashion and glamour model at the moment; and in a fortnight or less I’ll be launching a sports model portfolio.

Are you self Managed or Do you have a manager or for that case are you signed up with a Modeling agency?

4. I am managed under Alpha Lifestyle Company,a company I own.

Have you won any awards or recognitions since you started Modeling?

5. Yeah, I was Mr.Culture,Moi University for three years(2014-2016),besides that, I’ve won accolades in other sectors and a few nominations as well.

How does one Get to be a runway model in terms of Height ,body specifications and other requirements?

6.For runway, generally; height and good bone structure sell. In specifics; Pageantry favors tall, lean models, 5 feet 8,for ladies and 6ft for men, again ladies preference vary from sizes 6-8these ones also change depending on the title, For high Fashion the designer/client gets to choose the models depending on the product on the runway. For a catwalk there are no restrictions really.

What defines your Overall Style, What inspires your Outlook?

7.I just love to be first; Comfortable, secondly; Set the mood for the day, depending on the day, that is, 😂😂. So it’s either suits, dungarees/jumpsuits or it’s shorts.

How do you style Up for a shoot ,Do you have a stylist? If yes who are they?

8.For most of my shoots I use the services of Alpha Lifestyle Company, but with the new contacts this far, that’s about to change.

Does Modeling pay? What defines the Salary rates?

9.Modeling pays,a lot of money on the highest, and nothing on the lowest, depends on your input and networks, maybe timing. 😏

What are some of the work ethics you observe as a Professional Model?

10. I value time keeping, honesty, and friendship.

Do you consider Male Modeling as a sissy Occupation?

11.Of course not, why would I do that?

Do you Design your own clothes or where do you get them?

12.I am a designer and a collector, so basically I shop for good attire wherever I can find them, I also like to DIY.

What do you hate about Modeling as a profession?

13.I hate pests and in this industry who are out for lust and easy money,ooh, and the misconceptions about it too .

What are some of the challenges you face as a pioneering model and Fashionista?

14. We lack structures and infrastructure to experience maximum creativity like it is in the west. We as models need properly funded management structures, this is a whole sector,Models and actors alone can sky rocket our economy given the right attention like in Nigeria, India and America. It’s just in a bad state! As a fashionista, no challenge,fashion,like water will find its way if you have an eye for it.

How do you keep fit, Do you have a work out routine?

15.Yeah,I do a lot of Sit Ups,push-ups, skipping here and there, and a bit of boxing whenever I can.

What part of your Body do you love Most?

16.I love my skin,my eyes and my eyebrows😀.

Your photos are real stylish, what are some of your tips on model photoshoots and how do you come up with your themes?

17.Get a good vision, inspire it, get a good stylist and a good photographer. My advice is, remember always that as a model,your photographs are your CV, so ask yourself if your photos are worth a job.

How would you rate the Kenyan Modeling industry?

18.Kenyan modeling industry is at 5/10.

What are some of the Kenyan companies you’ve worked with and do you prefer international contacts over local contracts?

19.International companies pay better, local contracts promote our economy, so I’ll take both, thank you.

What are some of your Role Models in the Industry?

20. Idriss Elba, Gabu Fords, those men challenge me.

What would you advice youth willing to take up modeling as a career?

21. Know that modeling is not a hobby, it’s a profession, take it as work, grow your networks, be principled and know your worth.

What projects are you currently working on and what more should we expect from you?

22. My company and I embarked on a  project to reflect on Kenya, the past and the future, it’s a humanitarian video slideshow titled TURBO. And we hope that Kenyans will Enjoy and be inspired by it.In the near future we have a bunch of projects coming, but I won’t hint,I will in the next interview 😂😂😂jk
Published as Interviewed By Wycliff Peter and as responded by Jeffrey 

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