Thu. Jan 17th, 2019

Swahili Princess, The Black Barbie Doll


A couple of months ago I heard a little girl ask her mum,  “Mum are there any black Barbies?”

It may look like a question prompting racial cognitive, but it wasn’t, it was simply an innocent girl posing a curious question on her Identity as a black Kenyan girl.

So the ache might have gone on from child to child until an African entrepreneur ( Olivia Mengich) saw a problem and a sufficeful solution to it,  She called it the SWAHILI PRINCESS a brand of African dolls or rather African Barbies.

Their dolls have become a favourite toy, I mean what’s not to love , the dolls come in varous styles, they could be braided,have curls ,or the long swift hair associated with many swahili women.

The dolls also do come with various Kenyan tribal attires and clothe patterns like the famous Maasai fabrics, so your child will have an endless creative selection to explore.

I loved their packaging, especially at the back of their boxing, where part of Lupita Nyongo’s Oscar awards speach has been quoted, it really gives the doll a home feeling and pride.

Swahili princess, isnt stopping there but they intend to even make a darker tonned doll, for all those who fancy the darker skin tone.

It’s great to see a brand that cares all about the African Girl and it’s not all limited to that but it’s a brand all girls could fancy as it has created diversity.

If interested in more, or for instructions on purchase visit their website at swahiliprincess
Credits to; Olivia Mengich (M. D SWAHILI PRINCESS) 

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