ON MAY 14TH Our Fashion editors received a comment from a subscriber, the topic of the Comment was Why Moi University is a Fashion hell. We knew we had a juicy story to probe into so we set forth along the halls and paths of Moi university gathering comments from all who cared enough to comment on the subject, they were many quite interesting and hilarious thoughts on this, The following is our break down;

For a mother one of the first instincts that you get when you see you little one is to protect them with your life. When I first held Snow I felt this unquenchable urge to hold him forever and shelter him from the cold dark world

Bomber jackets are more classic than trendy — and always reliable, comfortable, and super stylish. You can easily wear this piece when you want to dress down something that’s a little too prim for your everyday or toughen up a pair of jeans and a tank