Raeeil and Muthoni Nominated For Board Seats, As V.M.G takes Ownership of Modish Brands.


Popular Instagramer Michelle Muthoni @m.uthonie__ Has been Nominated to Join The V.M.G (Vertical Media Group) Board of Directors, as the Group’s Models Representative, In her position she shall be the special liaison between the Group’s administrators and the various models working in Brands and the overall Umbrella group that aims to be Kenya’s Largest Youth Owned and Managed Media Conglomerate.

Model and Instagramer @ m.uthonie__

V.M.G has recently acquired most of the former Modish Brands. Whose operating license ended on the first of November. In a new Rebranding endeavour, V.M.G aims to produce and target youth-related content and demographics by creating original and timeless content that appeals to Kenyan Youth.

The Group’s Chairperson and Founder; Baron Cliff(Wycliff Peter Oundo) said the move is to further the rebranding efforts by the once stagnated Modish Brands, To create hype and have great social media presence, Through Use of Social Influencers and other Youth with greate command and following Online.

“We have also nominated Raeeil @raeeil to join our Board of Directors, Her creativity is something that has always captivated me and inspired me, More details will be availed to press soon…”Said Baron Cliff in an Interview.

Model Raeeil @raeeil

When asked if the new parent group will retain all the former Modish Brands, The Baron Stated that The aim of the new merger is to invest into Broadcast,publishing and media production. “It is very unlikely that we shall retain all the former brands , most shall be absorbed as departments and those we cant absorb we shall rebrand to fit and propagate our goals and brand image.”

More details on the new merger will be released soon. Keep it here and Subscribe for more news and Youth Content, Interviewed by Sasha, Edited by the Modish Editors.

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