Snow Fall.



For a mother one of the first instincts that you get when you see you little one is to protect them with your life. When I first held Snow I felt this unquenchable urge to hold him forever and shelter him from the cold dark world and I was doing a pretty good job until the dreadful evening when almost certainly, winter came(I am a big GOT fan). I left him on the bed playing with some of his toys, he was so tired which meant he was unstable, almost like a little drunk, So I knew that I had to bath him fast so that he could sleep. I rushed to the kitchen to get his bath ready. As I poured the hot water into his basin, I heard what I never thought I would hear. A THUD!! Followed by a deafening silence that lasted for ten seconds. Then the scream. Oh that horrific scream. He had fallen from my bed to the floor. A 3 foot plunge!!! I couldn’t believe it. I was angry. Angry at myself for letting this happen, for not being careful, for breaking my vow to protect him my little mishka. I was scared. Scared that he was not okay, scared that he had broken a limb or worse, scared that he would hate me. As I ran to pick him up I felt like I had betrayed my little baby. He cried so bitterly! So frantically! I just couldn’t. After checking that he was okay, I sat there on the bed holding my little baby as he cried, holding him close, and promising him that I will never ever let this happen ever, that he will never get hurt again in his life, that mama will protect him with her life that everything will be okay.Being a mom is about these ups and downs I am just grateful that I get to live through them with snow

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